SCA Strategic

SCA Strategic cultivates public-private partnerships between government agencies, local businesses, prime contractors and community organizations to energize economies, nurture emerging businesses and create jobs for local residents.

We achieve these results through forward-thinking business inclusion, business development and workforce development strategies. But equally important are the relationships we leverage through proactive stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Relationships that open doors. Shift perspectives. And change the game. Because true progress brings everyone with it.



The work we do is powered by the relationships we’ve cultivated. In government, in business and in the community. Connections that spark honest conversation, inspired thinking and meaningful progress. No matter what we’ve been hired to do.

"Welcome to SCA Strategic.  We have formed our company around the pillars of commitment — to your company’s goals and helping you to achieve and exceed your levels of inclusion; communication — honest, transparent, timely and direct with you, and with the targeted companies with whom you want us to work; collaboration — we believe in partnerships and playing well in the sandbox; and continuity — we have a company-wide commitment to excellence built into the fabric of our organization, and our model for continuous learning helps us to consistently achieve and exceed your goals.

We look forward to meeting with you and discovering how SCA may partner with you to optimize your existing opportunities and create promising new ones."                                                                  

Joyce O. Sloss
Managing Partner