Transportation Authorities

With ever-increasing demands on our transportation infrastructure, the pressures and regulatory complexity have never been greater for railroads and ports. SCA Strategic works with transportation authorities to develop First Source Hiring and business inclusion programs and determine the capital delivery methods that best meet stakeholder objectives, from P3s to DBFOMs. We also assist contractors with capacity building, obtaining certifications, the proposal process, regulatory compliance, outreach and business inclusion efforts.

SCA has been a partner in efforts to help local companies expand their vision and their markets beyond U.S. borders. They have worked in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce and other export agencies to disseminate information to small businesses on export opportunities, the marketing of products overseas and how to navigate the complex challenges of documentation, transportation, getting paid and the constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Jim MacLellan,
Director of Trade Development, Trade Development Division
Port of Los Angeles