There is nothing simple or straightforward about doing business in airports today. So it is invaluable to have a proven industry insider, strategist and advocate to guide you. We help aspiring concessionaires obtain ACDBE certifications where applicable, connect them with prime contractors and assist with product placement in retail outlets. We also work with prime contractors to bolster business inclusion efforts and with concessions directors to optimize ACDBE programs and ensure FAA compliance.

In 2010, I launched my company, Janlitlfeather, creating handmade feather accessories, from bow ties, to hair accessories and jewelry. But it wasn’t until I started working with Joyce and Michael that the company really took off. They introduced me to key people at the Hudson Group, got me up to speed on how to navigate the airport environment as a vendor and expedited the process of getting my products in stores. To top it off because of the exposure Janlitlfeather has had in airports, larger companies are in talks about creating products for them. The benefits of working with SCA just continue to unfold!

Stephanie Gladden
CEO/Chief Designer

I was fortunate to work with SCA during my tenure as ACDBE Liaison Officer at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). It was there that I discovered what tireless advocates Joyce and Michael are for business inclusion and for individuals working to advance their careers in aviation … myself included. They helped me strategize my next career move and, at the same time, they helped me navigate my exit from LAX preserving the relationships I had built there. SCA has been instrumental in my success and I can’t thank them enough.

Dawn Hunter
Senior Manager, Airport Dining and Retail
Aviation Commercial Management Seattle-Tacoma International Airport