Having managed major capital projects for the City of Los Angeles and programs supporting the modernization of LAX, our construction expertise comes from both the government and contractor perspectives. We help contractors navigate complex regulatory and political environments and craft winning proposals, adding value through robust business inclusion and workforce development strategies. We also assist government agencies with monitoring Project Labor Agreement requirements and optimizing workforce development and business inclusion programs to proactively manage stakeholder expectations.

We had established ourselves at LAWA years ago and as our company grew, it expanded geographically, as well. However, in turning our focus to other areas of the country, we found that we needed to reestablish our ties in LA so as not to miss out on opportunities there. SCA was an integral part of our strategy serving as our eyes and ears, connecting us to key people at LAWA and helping us reignite old relationships. We were awarded a $4 million project as a direct result of our engagement with SCA.

K. Hezekiah Harris II
CMTS Construction Services